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About Us

At The Peterson League, we aim to motivate youth who have a viable plan to improve the long-term quality of life for themselves or others through grant opportunities. These grants are available to U.S. citizens, aged 5 to 21, who live in the greater Colorado Springs area.

The Peterson League began with a question:

How can we help improve the quality of life of those in our community in the most significant and permanent way possible?”

Our answer:

The most effective way to help our community is to nourish the minds of our youth by supporting their innovative ideas. Unfortunately, it is more common for a child’s ideas to be silenced or ignored. More often than not, youth activities are created and designed by adults. This approach can be incredibly disengaging for young people, stifling a sense of self-control.

Youth make up a large portion of our population and can have tremendous influence, so we believe they deserve a voice and the ability to turn their ideas into reality.

Not only will the Colorado Springs community see an immediate benefit from our projects, the effects are lasting. Long-term social change is known to be most effective, not short-term answers.

In addition to helping the community, these projects promote youth empowerment. By directing a project, youth will gain valuable skills and strengthen existing skills. They will learn to set goals and achieve those goals. They will also engage with their community, learning they can make a measurable difference. In combination, this growth will prepare youth to solve the pressing problems of tomorrow.

The world needs young leaders with fresh ideas and the ability to execute them. Only 34% of adults believe the world they are leaving is better for their children. It is our hope that when youth who complete TPL projects and become adults, they will pay it forward and strive to help future generations. In this way, one motivated child can be the catalyst for global change.

By focusing on the youngest generations, we can propel the development of humankind in a fundamental and permanent way.


Colorado Springs, CO The Peterson League is headquartered in Colorado Springs at the base of Pikes Peak.

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