Grant Application

The Peterson League’s Youth Project Grants

How to Apply

If you have a project you’d like a grant for, we welcome you to apply!

Please download all parts of the application below. Read the instructions carefully. The instructions sheet will tell you how to prepare and mail in your application forms.

We look forward to helping empower you!


Download Application

Be sure to read the instructions closely. If you have any questions about the grant application process, please first visit our Grants F.A.Q. page.



Read these instructions very carefully to understand how to apply for a grant.

This sheet includes mailing instructions.

Main Application

Use this application to apply for individual and club grants.

Be sure to download the correct application for your age group.

  • Superheroes (ages 5-8) Download .doc
  • Rock Stars (ages 9-12) Download .doc
  • Game Changers (ages 13-17) Download .doc
  • Young Entrepreneurs (ages 18-21) Download .doc
  • Project Adviser (Optional)

    The Peterson League created the Project Adviser role for school teachers and other adult leaders to assist as a mentor and project coordinator.

    Click here for more information.