Grant Levels

The Peterson League's Youth Project Grants

The Peterson League’s Youth Project Grants

Grant Levels

  • Superheroes (ages 5-8)
  • Rock Stars (ages 9-12)
  • Game Changers (ages 13-17)
  • Young Entrepreneurs (ages 18-21)

  • Grant F.A.Q./Need To Know
  • Grant Application

    Our grants allow motivated Colorado Springs youth the opportunity to pursue projects which improve their quality of life or that of those within their community. These are projects aimed at permanent or near-permanent change.

    We strive to support and encourage youth projects and bring them to life. These projects teach children to engage in critical thinking in order to challenge assumptions, reactions, and outcomes. They also learn how to set and achieve pre-planned goals. These are necessary skills for future leaders.

    The grants are separated into four different groups based on age: Superheroes (ages 5-8), Rock stars (9-12), Game Changers (13-17), and Young Entrepreneurs (18-21).

    Older age groups (Game Changers and Young Entrepreneurs) will be expected to have more in-depth projects. For this reason, older grant groups will receive more money for their projects and receive more support during the project. Also, we expect more detailed grant applications from older youth.

    In the younger groups (Superheroes and Rock Stars), we are focused on sparking the idea that a child can change the world and that their ideas are heard. Skills Game Changers will develop are creative problem solving, innovative thinking, and community awareness. In the oldest group, Young Entrepreneurs, youth will develop the same skills as Game Changers in addition to leadership and business skills.

    All potential projects will be screened by our approval board to ensure grant money is directed toward well thought out, effective projects. In addition, youth will receive suggestions for improvement and other insight from the board.

    Individual Grants

    In each age group (Superheroes, Rock Stars, Game Changers, and Young Entrepreneurs) youth can apply for an individual grant. This grant is for youth who want to direct a solo project based on an idea they have. The youth works alone or with an optional Project Adviser.


    Self-Directed Agents of Positive Change

    It is important to make young people aware that change is not initiated solely by “authority figures.” It takes a whole host of people, including young people, to make a difference in our communities. We need YOUR help!


    Projects We Support

    We look for projects that

    • Are structured by youth with little parental/guardian control.
    • Will be directed by youth.
    • Address social change, new inventions, technology, education, and the environment.
    • Aim to create permanent or near-permanent change.
    • Encourage critical thinking, goal setting, and accountability.

    We don’t fund projects that are

    • Welfare-based.
    • Focused on short-term impact.
    • Structured by a parent/guardian.

    We want YOU to apply.
    We understand applicants may need some assistance from their parent/guardian or adviser, however we want YOU, the participant, to complete as much of the application as possible. We want to hear YOUR ideas.

    Do your research.
    We need specific information about your grant request, such as a proposed budget. For example, if you’re using your grant money to develop a community garden, you need to tell us what materials you will need and how much they will cost.

    We understand costs can be difficult to predict, but spend time researching and do your absolute best. The older your grant level age group, the higher our expectations on specifics.

    Plan ahead.
    Due to high demand for our youth project grants, it may take up to six months before funding is complete. So, plan your project ahead of time.

    Keep good records.
    You need to keep all receipts when spending grant money. Every cent needs to be tracked and logged, as you will need to report all expenditures.

    Become a lifelong advocate
    After successfully completing a project with The Peterson League, you will have the opportunity to form a life-long connection with the organization. We want to keep in contact and know how the grant helped shape your future. We encourage those who received funding to tell their story to other youths who may benefit from our grants.