Rock Stars (ages 9-12)

The Peterson League’s “Rock Star” Youth Project Grants

Rock Stars (ages 9-12)

Kids are out to change the world. Change it up to their preferred design.
Undiminished confidence.

Between the ages of 9 to 12, kids continue to develop more refined decision-making skills as their desire for independence grows. They also develop an increasing capability for social conscience and abstract thought, including understanding complex issues, such as education, conflict, and socio-economics.

Their transition into adolescence is a crucial time in which to encourage authentic leadership so they may discover personal and social innovations.

When a child recognizes they can positively influence the world around them, their self-confidence grows. Nurturing the growth of self-confidence during adolescence is an impactful way to encourage a lifetime of innovation and generosity.

The Rock Stars Program empowers young people within this age group to resolve their own challenges, as well as those of their community, by utilizing a leadership and problem-solving approach to quality-of-life improvement. Participants in this age group are eligible to receive a grant up to $450 toward their project.

In order to encourage accountability among this age group, The Peterson League will check in with the participant at the midway point to provide one-on-one counseling.

Project examples:
• Philanthropic acts
• New technology
• Environmental cleanup
• Education improvement
• Community garden

Skills fostered at this level: Community awareness, developing philanthropic values, planning and management

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