Superheroes (ages 5-8)

The Peterson League’s “Superheroes” Youth Project Grants

Superheroes (ages 5-8)

“Through the eyes of a child.”
Children want to help. Pure of heart, newest views.

The Superheroes Program is designed to spark the idea that youth can change the world during early development. This age group is a crucial time for cognitive and social-emotional development for effective leaders.

At this time, children’s minds are highly formative. This period is critical to potentially breaking the cycle of poverty, promoting economic productivity, eliminating social disparities and inequities, and encouraging good citizenship throughout the lifetime.

Serving as a bridge between the idea phase and implementation, the Peterson League provides an early support structure for any child with a viable idea create change. Empowering these ideas and forming habits of innovation at such a young age may be a determining factor in whether the child displays social consciousness later in life.

The goal of TPL for this age level is to identify promising individuals within this age group and prepare them for future participation at higher levels.

The Peterson League encourages all applicants to fill out the application on their own; however, some level of assistance is to be expected for those in this age group. Participants will be considered on a case-by-case basis for a grant worth up to $350.

Project examples:
• Simple philanthropic acts
• Environmental cleanup
• Gardening project

Skill fostered at this age level: Developing philanthropic values, forward thinking, community awareness

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