Using Pikes Peak Library 21C for Youth Projects

Using Pikes Peak Library 21c for Youth Projects

Did you know there is an amazing resource for youth projects in your community?

It’s called Library 21c and it’s part of the Pikes Peak Library District.

What is Library 21c?

Library 21c is designed to be a “21st century library” with innovative equipment available to the public.

Youth over age 9 are able to access the two maker spaces: Make and Make II. Youth ages 9-11 must be accompanied by an adult in these spaces.

Make includes tools for creative projects that don’t require power tools. Youth can access sewing machines,  soldering irons, a vinyl cutter, and an electronic cutting machine.

As you can guess, the Make II space includes advanced machinery and power tools. There are 4 (!) 3-D printers, a laser cutter, hand and power tools, and a CNC machine.

See a full list of equipment and software here. Both spaces provide resources youth may not otherwise have access to that can be extremely helpful when trying to design and execute projects.

Don’t know how to use something? That isn’t a problem at Library 21c.

Youth can access tutorials from through the library to learn just about anything. Pikes Peak Library also offers classes on subjects like sewing, 3D modeling, video editing and more. There staff members ready to help as well.

Projects that Benefit from Library 21c

Library 21c has many resources available to the public for potential youth projects. Here are some ideas ways youth can utilize tools in the maker spaces.

App development

Library 21c has a variety of tools for software development, including software to make Android apps. By using this software, youth can design and create apps that address needs in the community and increase long-term quality of life.

3D modeling & printing

Probably the coolest equipment in the maker spaces are the 3-D printers. Youth can use Library 21c computers to design objects and then bring them to life.

This is great for projects based on engineering or design.



Library 21c also has resources for woodworking projects.

For example, maybe you want to make a community garden, but don’t have access to power tools to create raised beds. The maker space has woodworking tools youth are able to access.


Laser cutter

Library 21c also offers use of a laser cutter that can engrave and cut wood, plastic, stone, and more.

This can come in handy when completing electronics projects (see below) or making models.


Want to design an electronic gadget to increase quality of life in the community? You can with tools in the maker spaces!

Youth have access to soldering irons, pliers, and more to help youth create electronic inventions.


At the Peterson League, we encourage youth to utilize resources like Library 21c to complete youth projects.

In Library 21c maker spaces, youth are able to work together on a project to create electronic devices, 3-D models, software and more. They can learn new skills, flex their problem-solving muscles, and, above all, have fun!

With this resource, youth can expand project ideas beyond what they thought was possible by designing and creating solutions to better the quality of life of others in the Colorado Springs community.

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