Young Entrepreneurs (ages 18-21)

The Peterson League’s “Young Entrepreneurs” Youth Project Grants

Young Entrepreneurs
(ages 18-21)

Confidence to change the system.
Leadership to introduce something new.

At this stage in life, young adults begin transitioning into professional agents of change and recognized leaders.

The ability to set and achieve milestones through each phase of their project is an important skill, necessary for true leadership and execution. Thus, it is a focus on this group’s grant application form.

This healthy, entrepreneurial habit will encourage future success and familiarize Young Entrepreneurs with accountability and metric development.

Along with greater responsibility will be greater funding, as they are eligible for up to $1,500 to execute their project.

At the project’s midpoint, Young Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and corporate partners who volunteer as counselors and mentors.

Project Examples:
• Long-lasting philanthropic ventures
• Business with positive impact
• New technology

Skills fostered at this age level: Planning projects, ensuring plan viability, social leadership, innovative thinking, creative problem solving, community awareness, providing achievable milestones, leadership skills, business skills

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