Youth Projects for a Healthy Community

Youth Projects for a Healthy Community


Health is a major indicator of long-term quality of life in communities. Healthy people are more active in the community and live longer.

With obesity rates increasing nationwide, health is an important focus for youth projects. There is a lot that can be done and a lot of room for youth to be creative when coming up with ways to inspire a healthy community.

Youth projects can increase community awareness of certain health problems and teach people how to be healthy. They can also help give people the ability to be healthy.

Not only can youth learn a lot from exploring health in their area, residents can benefit long-term. Healthy behaviors can reduce the long-term risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart diseases.

Below are some ideas for youth projects aimed at creating healthier communities. These projects are perfect for groups that want to make positive change together!

Flu Vaccines

Having the flu is no fun and this miserable illness can spread to unsuspecting bystanders.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend getting vaccinated each year for the flu virus. Why not start a low price or no price flu vaccination blitz? This can be done by consulting with community health centers to provide services.

Youth can also create a project based on promoting the positives of vaccines and encouraging those in the community to get their annual shot.

Community Walkability Survey

How walkable is your area? Having a community with places for people to move, like parks, sidewalks, and trails, encourages healthy activity.

Create a youth project centered around finding places for people to be active. Are there enough places for children to play outside? Do some research. If you find these spaces limited, design a project to help create playgrounds or advocate for more sidewalks and parks.

Or, make a community resource detailing walkable routes that can be on display in public places like restaurants, coffee shops, etc. This will help those looking for ways to incorporate more activity.

Healthy Food Choices

With the plethora of unhealthy choices like fast-food, staying healthy can be as simple as having healthy food options.

Youth can advocate for healthier food choices at restaurants and schools. All they need is a team and the desire for change!

Another idea is to start a farmers market so people in a certain area have access to fresh food. This is also healthy for the environment (less travel to get to consumers).

Other ideas are to set up healthy cooking classes or set up a healthy community meal with an education component.


Grow Your Own

Another idea involves creating a vegetable garden and harvesting healthy food to donate to local food pantries. This food is then passed out to low income families in the community.

Low income families often have difficulty finding healthy food in what are called “food deserts” (places where there might be convenience stores or gas stations, but no grocery stores) or can’t afford fresh food.

By donating harvested vegetables, youth can help people in need receive fresh, healthy food.


As you can see, there are many ways youth can create positive change for healthier communities. What health-related youth project ideas can you think of?


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